utorok 9. februára 2010

things happen for a reason...

I still didnt find out why did I feel the way I did yesterday. So frustrated, so stressed out and overruled by the vawe of emotions. Is it because I hate when I see that things can be done faster and easier then they actually are? Or is it because I am so unflexible to even a small change of my plans?
There is always a reason why things happen but I cant see it so far. Is the reason that I learn how frustrated it is to fix visa? how horrible one can feel in order to travel somewhere? is the reason that I should be happy that as an inhabitant of my country I dont need to go through this procedure (travels in Europe)? Is the reason for me that I managed to get up early in the morning, travel for 100km, found my way, travel back and work for some hours on the university paper? Or maybe it is not me who is supposed to learn from this. Or maybe I will see the reason later on.

utorok 12. januára 2010

the only person who can make you happy is you...

the saying that I am trying to dig in head to take it always with me. but I am also trying to follow that saying. I am trying to find every day a thing (at least one) that makes me happy. Sometimes its hard sometimes not. for a creative person as I am it is cool cause every day it is something different that makes me happy. today it was talk with old friend of mine and her offer to do me a favour (I allowed myself to be happy about it even though nothing is fixed). very cool feeling. then it was that I bought the colorfull paper for my next creative hand made project (super much looking forward). then it was also the discovery that my gym visits already paid off and I feel much much better.

So did you make yourself happy today?

štvrtok 7. januára 2010

voting for the best behavior

The other day I was in our supermarket to buy food.
I was standing half step and a bit right behind the person in front of me, calling (for 30 seconds or so). Right when I´ve finished the person on the cash was giving to the person in front of me the table that this cashier is closing I reached out my hand for that sign but the person in front of me put it on the belt (The woman who was with him told him to give me the sign but he explain himself that since I have full hands he will put it on the belt, nice gesture, no?). so we wait. When the time came to put my things on the belt the man at the desk (age round 20+) started to talk with me (well I dont consider this the proper way how to talk to the customer but ok).
This cash is closing.
OK but I was already here.
No, you werent
Excuse me I was. (the men in front of me admit, yes yes she was!)
Dear madam, i am not blind. you werent. You were not standing in the line, you were calling! said he with the such cheeky voice that I lost my words.
I just breath and consider what to do? at that point I could only hiss a bit and I just left to his colleague.

So I am asking what was the best behaviour to do? Start to argue that even the person I was standing BEHIND understood that I am queuing there?
Beeing rude, scream, throw things on him?
Go to his boss and tell that I felt very bad that I dont think I did something wrong and that I dont appreciate this kind of behaviour from their workers?
Leave my purchase there on the belt and leave?
Or just left dont say anything to him as I did?

Which choice would help to make a world better place?

The voting starts now !

pondelok 4. januára 2010

So this was Christmas....

So this is Christmas... John Lennon is singing in one of his hits. But I questioned myself Is this really Christmas? Shouldn´t it be about love, joy, harmony and peace? Why is someone giving me disrespect, pain and tears? (ok, it was me crying in the end) But why is someone doing that? I made an effort to end the starting fight, to postpone it for the next morning hoping to continue with “cold heads” but since it didn't work out I choose the other way. Actually it was the first time I ended up the fight the way I hate it. With cheesy ironic comment just to stop it because I decided (actually it was a bit pre-new year resolution) that I will make myself happy. And one way how to do it is to avoid such situation. No, don't think that I am running from the battle, it is more the strategy you use when you are allergic to some fruit. You don't eat it, don't smell it, don't buy it. And I will just avoid his presence, contact, company. I am not happy about this solution of the situation since I know it is not the right one. In the movie, you would talk, write a letter or became a famous pop start and made the coolest hit out of it just so the other person would know. The regrets and request of forgiveness would follow but I think my life is not such a movie.
I would really wish to understand the behaviour of others. What it is that makes them to behave the way they do. Maybe one day I will get to know that, maybe it is even more obvious than I´ve ever though but since then I will try to accept his bubbly personality and I will not allow him to stop me from being happy.

Everyone is fighting the best way one can

sobota 21. novembra 2009


Can The love be vanished by everyday problems?

How not to forget to celebrate the love everyday?

How to be satisfied even when you dont have everything you wanted?

štvrtok 22. októbra 2009

wrong way

When I used to play the Pc games where you have to drive a car I was very often going wrong way. Nowadays I have the feeling that my country is going this way and I am looking for a big sign saying “wrong way” that I could put in front of their faces.
Just two examples (I am not mentioning the economical “reforms”, the expected taxation level increasing or the next years state budget) that on the first glance not so significant situations but in my opinion dangerous in a principle:
1. In Slovakia you can buy bubble maker toy for boys and for girls... eeee why do we need to distinguish between sex/gender here??
2. In many countries (Balkan, Scandinavia) they don’t synchronize movies, series nothing. You can find it in the original language with subtitles. Perfect and cheap solution for people to learn language and for tourists too. (not ok for small children or for people who cant read or as my mother says for women who are cooking while listening TV). Not in Slovakia. We doubt everything (even from Czech) and we have the LAW that everything has to be in Slovak. Reason is to protect Slovak language...
(my ironic comments didnt go through here :D)

utorok 29. septembra 2009

Compliment or something like that

I met her yesterday after one year we havent seen each other.
She: "I almost didnt recognize you. You look so beautiful."
ehm :D